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PlayBranson interviews Adam Webster with British Invasion, a new show at the Americana Theatre in Branson. Adam is a native of the Ozarks and has been performing for several years.

The British Invasion began 1964 when the Beatles landed in the US for the first time, taking the US rock scene by storm. It continued as British artists dominated the American music scene over the next several years. Groups like The Who, Queen, the Kinks, and the Rolling Stones brought a new kind of rock of music that began to fill the American airwaves.

Now, live on stage in Branson Missouri, experience the music of these legendary groups along with Dusty Springfield, Elton John, John Lennon and more, as this award winning cast takes you on a musical journey that is the "British Invasion".

British Invasion contains tributes to the Beatles, Elton John, Mick Jagger, Dusty Springfield as well as a musical review of the biggest chart toppers from British Invasion
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@Play Branson Interview with Jak Knudsen of SIX. Jak reveals how he and his brothers landed an appearance on an Osmond Brothers TV special in 1978.

Today, Chris Myer interviews Jak Knudsen of SIX. SIX is back. In fact, SIX has been back for a while. Performing at Dick Clark's American Bandstand Theater in Branson, SIX is better than ever. You will love the orchestra of voices, the comedy, the dynamics with the audience, and the fun! Don't miss this incredibly popular show. Get your tickets to SIX today.

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Don’t miss today’s 11:58 AM premiere INTERVIEW WITH Jak Knudsen. Find out the story behind the Knudsen Brothers’ 1978 appearance on an Osmond TV special.
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@Play Branson Interview with Benjamin and Nathaniel Hughes, two of the stars of ReVibe, the newest show at the Hughes Brothers Theatre in Branson. Benjamin and Nathaniel are the children of two of the Hughes Brothers, and while they have been on stage all of their lives, ReVibe gives this generation a chance to star in a show of their own.

Today, Chris Myer interviews Benjamin and Nathaniel Hughes, of the new show, ReVibe. Revibe stars the second generation of the Hughes family. We wondered, just how many kids are there in this generation. So we asked. The answer may surprise you. Watch this week's episode of Play Branson to find out.

@PlayBranson is a seasonal weekly program that allow you to get to know those who perform at Branson shows and run Branson attractions. Please like and follow us on Facebook.
Be sure to watch Chris's interview with the next generation of the Hughes Brothers, tomorrow - 4/16/21 - at 5 PM on the Play Branson Facebook Page or Play Branson on YouTube.
This day, one year ago. This spirit is why we love Branson.
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In the spirit of togetherness, over 40 Branson performers and over 20 Branson shows have come together to create a Branson Sing-Along with our “Branson Entertainer Virtual Choir” to share with our community and our biggest Branson fans! We hope this video will ‘take you home to the place you belong and on the road again,’ to Branson, Missouri.

Special credit to the video creators Stephen Odom & Chelsie Odom entertainers at Hamners' Variety Theater.

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Enjoy a night filled with fantastic entertainment from the most talented family of singers, dancers, and musicians in Branson. The Hughes Brothers, their wives, and their children join together on stage for an exceptional production that you can witness first hand! PlayBranson photo

Have a wonderful Sunday and enjoy each other. PlayBranson photo